Wonders of the Americas

America the New World is composed by North America, Central America, South America and other islands and regions associated. This continent has today around 900 million people and occupies 8.3% of the Earth’s total surface.

The first vestiges of human presence in America are in North America in 10000 BC and it believes that the first inhabitants came from the Artic region of Bering.

The most important cultures of the continent were the Incas (Perú), Mayas and Aztecas (Mexico), which built some of the main wonders of the continent. The European invasion of America began after the first trip of Christopher Columbus in 1492.

During the next 300 years the American Natives and black slaves were subjugated and killed in one of the biggest genocides of the human history. Between XVIII and XIX centuries, most American countries got their independence, amongst them, the most powerful country of the world, the United States.

Nowadays America is a continent full of marvels, blends and contrasts; where is able to find ancient monuments created by the first cultures of the continent, some of the most modern structures and technologies of the world; as well as amazing mountains and deserts, great rivers and exuberant tropical jungles.

America, perhaps the most beautiful continent of the world, discover it here! logo
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