Wonders of Italy

The Italian Republic is located on the Italian Peninsula in southern Europe. It shares the territorial boundaries with France, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland. The long peninsula shaped like a boot, surrounded on the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the east by the Adriatic.

The Apennine Mountains form the peninsula’s backbone. Garda is the largest lake, the Po its main river that flows from the Alps on Italy’s western border and crosses the Lombard plain to the Adriatic Sea. Sicily and Sardinia are some of the several islands that form part of Italy.

Many European cultures take place here such as the Etruscans and the Romans. Also the Renaissance began in Tuscany and spread all over Europe, in this way Italy was the birthplace of this movement.

The Mecca of culture is known worldwide for a variety of reasons. Personalities, art, food and music some just some of the tip of your tongue facts.

Today Italy is a democratic republic and the resource to discover “about Italy” focusing on everything about the “best of Italy”, the cities, Italian pizzas, the latest picks of restaurants, pizzerias, bars and coffees.

Italy’s flourishing tourist trade has been truly rewarded by its panoramic natural resources “the majestic Alps in the north, the soft and green hills of Tuscany and Umbria, the romantically rugged landscape of the Apennines and the Bay of Naples, dominated by Mt. Vesuvius is one of the most famous sight of the world.”

Italy has several volcanoes. Actually the Mount Vesuvius is one of three volcanoes in Europe, the other two, Etna and Stromboli. Pompeii an Italian city was destroyed by Vesuvius in AD 79; the city was buried under lava and thousands of people were swept up in the molten mess.

More than 97 percent of Italians are Roman Catholic. Vatican City the Pope’s home is located within the capital Rome, but is considered an independent city-state. They have their own police force, government and are recognized worldwide as their own country.

Tourism in Italy truly is a history lover’s paradise with more than 3000 museums, churches and archaeological sites dating back to Roman and Greek times. UNESCO protects hundreds of the world heritage. The Capri Island or “Ischmia” is one example of style and romanticism, known for its natural thermal spas.

One of the world’s most consumed foods is the Pasta which was invented in Italy and also considered the national dish; approximately each Italian consumes more than 25 kilograms of pasta per year.

Milan is the fashion capital of the world and a very important city in Italy, many flock their throughout the year for fashion line launches, previews and other walkway run-throughs to catch up on the latest trends, fashions and other clothes hitting the stores during the year. Such designers as Armani, Versace and Gucci all launch clothes from Milan at some point during their business year.

There are many things about Italy that make it a marvellous place to visit and with lots of tourist information available, you can admire the stylish Italians and enjoy the fashion about design and clothes. Italy is an ideal place, for those who want to relax too.