About Us

7Wonders.org is a project, that attempts to revive the spirit of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, with a modern list which includes in addition to the ancient wonders, the New Seven Wonders established in Lisbon on July 7, 2007, the Middle Age Wonders, the Civil Engineering Wonders, the Man-made Wonders, the Natural Wonders and the Underwater Wonders.

Besides, we want to show the wonders of each country; therefore; we are promoting an election which will choose the seven wonders of each country.

We invite you to participate, please, register on our site and vote for your favourite wonders or suggest us some wonders that could be in our list. You can also upload on this site your own pictures or videos about any of the wonders included in our list.

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Journey with us to discover the most amazing places in the world. Learn about world and national wonders and create your own ultimate bucket list!
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