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New Seven Wonders

The New 7 Wonders of the Modern World were decided by a global vote in 2007 and now comprise the ultimate bucket list for today's travellers...
LEARN MOREMachu Picchu new 7 wonders

Man Made Wonders

This list was created by Howard Hillman to showcase the top ten man made wonders of the world. Tourists can visit them all...

Middle Ages Wonders

A new list conceived by academics in the Middle Ages comprising the most spectacular locations around the World at the time...
LEARN MOREStonehenge

Natural Wonders

The Natural Wonders include several of the most beautiful places of the World like mountains, water falls, rainforest, canyons, volcanos and forests...
LEARN MOREAurora natural wonder

Underwater Wonders

CEDAM began the Seven Underwater Wonders project in 1989 in order to protect these amazing and incredibly beautiful aquatic locations...
LEARN MOREGreat Barrier Reef

Civil Engineering Wonders

Marvel at the most impressive and complex structures built by mankind, paying tribute to the modern society's ability for achieving the unachievable...
Lighthouse ancient wonder

Ancient Wonders

Herodotus' original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was compiled in around 450 BC. The list contains some of the most spectacular locations in human history. But only one remains intact today...

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Buckingham Palace

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Hyden, Western Australia

Grand Canyon

Arizona, USA

Victoria Falls

Livingstone, Zambia

Great Wall

Beijing, China

Harbour of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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