Natural Wonders

There are many lists of the Natural Wonders of our planet. These lists include several of the most beautiful places of the World like mountains, water falls, rainforest, canyons, volcanos, natural reserves, forests, national parks, lakes, landscapes, rock formations, seascapes, caves, valleys, ice formations, rivers, or islands.

One of the most known lists of natural wonders is CNN's list. This list is composed by the following 7 Wonders of Nature:
Alaska, USA


Natural colored light displays in the sky, usually observed in the polar zone at night. Often it appears as a greenish glow rising from an unusual direction extending from east to west.
Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon

A steep-sided gorge carved over millennia through the rocks of the Colorado Plateau. Take time to enjoy its beauty and size, to sit and to watch the changing play of light and shadows over its vast spaces.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Harbour of Rio de Janeiro

The Harbour of Rio de Janeiro is a natural beauty surrounded by the city of Rio and formed by the Atlantic Ocean which wore out the soil and rocks along the coast.
Sagarmatha, Nepal

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is part of the Himalaya range in High Asia and with its 8,848 meters is the highest mountain on earth. It is also called Chomolungma, Qomolangma or Zhumulangma
Michoacán, Mexico

Parícutin Volcano

Parícutin is a cinder cone volcano which from its birth of eruption between 1943 and 1952, it represented a dramatic period in the lives of Parícutin people, but like most cinder cones it will never erupt again.
Queensland, Australia

Great Barrier Reef

Sadly endangered by human activity, it is the largest Coral Reef in the world and is the only collective organism that can be seen from spacecraft orbiting the Earth.
Livingstone, Zambia

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the best spectacular natural wonders of the world, also called “Mosi-oa-Tunya” constitutes the largest curtain of water in the world into the Zambezi Gorge with its 1708 meters wide.
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