Wonders of Oceania

Oceania is a continent composed by numerous islands and coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean, in which Australia is the only continental land. mass. Geographically, Oceania is divided into three different regions: Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

This wonderful continent owns also two types of islands: the Coral Islands which are the tops of coral reefs, and the Volcanic Islands which are the peaks of volcanic mountains that rise from the ocean floor.

Furthermore, Oceania is one of eight terrestrial eco-zones with the most quantity of ecological regions of the planet including all Micronesia, all Fiji, and almost all Polynesia except New Zealand.

Countries such as New Zealand, New Guinea and New Caledonia compose the separate Australia eco-zone. Oceania is also the least populated continent and therefore it owns many amazing natural and underwater wonders that have not been touched by the human hand.

This continent offers some of the greatest diversity of people and landscapes in the world; from deserts until snow mountains and from white sand beaches until rainforest. The beaches of Fiji, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea are wonders themselves. Besides, cities like Sydney, Canberra or Wellington have several modern and wonderful structures, which can be categorized among the civil engineering wonders.

Discover with us this fascinating continent full of marvels!


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